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Guiding Clients Through Separation

Married and common law spouses who separate have many issues to contemplate post break-up. Questions arise as to the custody of children, child and spousal support and property division. Without legal guidance through these complex issues, you risk creating conflicts between you and your partner. This could lead to lengthy and expensive litigation.

The Toronto, Ontario lawyers at Nathens, Siegel LLP have extensive experience providing advice to separating couples. Backed by years of representing clients in family law matters, we can help you navigate through a wide range of matters relating to your separation.

Trustworthy Advice On A Range Of Separation Matters

If your domestic relationship comes to an end, you might be faced with a lot of uncertainty about your future. Many individuals question what steps to take when it comes to property division, debts and support payments. Some couples decide to write a separation agreement to settle these issues. Without skilled guidance on the technicalities of separating finances and settling custody arrangements, these agreements may not be valid. That means the decision you make may be disputed at a later date.

The founding lawyers at our firm are certified specialists in family law. We have the expertise needed to help navigate you through even the most complex of separation matters. We can assist you in coming to a fair agreement to help you finalize your separation efficiently and effectively.

The Importance Of Getting Legal Advice

When separating, common law couples differ from married couples in that they don’t have the same property rights. In both situations the couples require solid advice about how to structure their separation. Getting qualified legal advice early will help you prevent costly conflict from arising in the future.

Our lawyers have knowledge honed through years of representing clients at court, and in negotiations and arbitrations, to give you steadfast guidance. We will provide you with high-calibre advice about issues of child custody and access, financial support, property division and same-sex separation. We aim to make the process of separation as expedient and cost-effective as possible. We do so by striving to negotiate a fair resolution to the issues using alternative dispute resolution.

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