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Ensuring A Fair Share In Complex Property Division

For many families, dividing family property after separation or divorce is not always straightforward. You may have many assets of high value or complex nature. Without skilled legal and financial advice, ex-spouses may exit the relationship paying more or receiving less than is fair.

At Nathens, Siegel LLP, our lawyers have been practising solely in family law for over two decades. We have navigated many cases involving complex property division throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario. With our years of experience and our depth of knowledge, our goal is to protect your future with a fair share of family property.

Assessing A Wide Range Of High-Value, Complex Assets

To arrive at a fair division of net family property, it is crucial to know to the fullest extent possible what assets each party holds and how much these are worth. Some property requires expert appraisals. Other assets may have potential to grow significantly in future value. Still others may trigger capital gains or tax implications if divided and paid out in a certain way.

Our lawyers can thoroughly assess your case, explain your options and determine an optimal solution with respect to the division of family property. We have extensive experience with complex assets such as:

  • Pensions and retirement investments
  • Stock options
  • Family businesses and shares in private corporations
  • Multiple real estate properties
  • Intergenerational gifts and loans
  • Assets in foreign locations or jurisdictions
  • Executive compensation, group benefits and profit sharing

As regular practitioners of out-of-court methods, we can often resolve complex separation and divorce issues in an amicable manner. If stronger measures are needed to protect your interests, we are fully prepared with extensive experience appearing in court. With thorough case preparation and skillful presentation, we work strategically and vigorously to pursue outcomes that safeguard your rights, interests and post-relationship future.

Obtain A Case Assessment

Our lawyers can answer your questions about complex property division and all other legal issues arising from separation or divorce. Book a reduced rate consultation today by calling (416) 222-6980 ext. 2900 or send us by email.