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Cutting Costs: Expert Strategies to Minimize Legal Fees in Family Law Matters

Minimize legal fees in family law by reducing the cost time represented by a lawyer at a table with a stopwatch, calculator, and coins.

Going through a separation can be expensive. Here are a few ways you can minimize your legal fees in the family law process:

  1. Retain a lawyer

This may sound counterintuitive, however, retaining good counsel at the beginning of your case will save you costs in the long-term. A lawyer can advise you on the law and guide you through the court process efficiently. Good counsel can assist you in tailoring your claims and advised whether your positions are reasonable.

  1. Be forthcoming

It is important to share all the necessary details and documents with your lawyer. They cannot advise you without knowing the full picture, even if you feel that sharing certain information will not be to your benefit. Costs can increase if material information is made known part way through the process, requiring revisions and adjustments to your positions or claims.

  1. Opt for an out of court process or Alternative Dispute Resolution

Negotiating a settlement with the assistance of lawyers or a mediator can help minimize your legal fees and time. Speak with your lawyer to determine whether mediation is suitable for your case.

  1. Be organized

Many family law cases are disclosure heavy. When providing documents to your lawyer, it is best to provide them in an organized fashion. This will save your lawyer from spending time locating documents or having a law clerk organize it for you.

  1. Be efficient with your communications

Before initiating a call or an email, know what information you are seeking and compile a list of questions. Opt to communicate with law clerks and/or junior associates working with your lawyer if your question is suitable for them. Make notes when communicating orally; this way you will have a record of what was discussed and will keep you from seeking the same information twice.

  1. Make informed, reasonable decisions

Your lawyer can help you assess whether the positions you are taking are reasonable. Being reasonable and practical from the outset will reduce fees in several ways: it will show the other party that you are willing negotiate, you will be able to settle issues along the way and/or come to interim agreements to reduce conflict during the process, and you will not waste legal fees on preparing for or attending court to defend a position that will ultimately be dismissed.

When you work with family law lawyers at Nathens Siegel we offer family first, compassionate and client focused services.  We know that our clients come to us during some of the most difficult times of their lives and we understand what our clients have at stake. Our entire staff is known for the genuine interest we take in the well-being of each client and we believe in minimizing your legal fees in the family law process. Our warm, people-oriented atmosphere makes for a collaborative team with the energy to provide supportive, high-quality service.

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About the Author

Zakiya obtained her LL.M. at Osgoode Hall Law School and was called to the bar in 2020. Zakiya has extensive litigation experience in divorce and separation, including in decision-making, custody and access, support, property, and child protection proceedings. She has appeared at the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario she also uses collaborative and alternative processes to reach agreements that are mutually beneficial for all parties involved.