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Family Law Agreements

Leverage The Benefits Of Effective Family Law Agreements

gavil resting top of family law booksCouples enter into a committed relationship with hopes of a happy, lasting future. Serious disputes can threaten the union, and put each spouse’s interests at risk. Family law agreements, when well-contemplated, can both prevent and resolve legal issues between spouses.

At Nathens, Siegel LLP, our lawyers have worked on countless family law agreements during our over 20 years of practice in Toronto and Mississauga. Whether you are planning on marriage, divorce or in the midst of a relationship, we can provide reliable legal advice to protect your rights and safeguard your interests.

Comprehensive And Protective Legal Contracts

happy couple finding resolution via family lawDomestic contracts can be effective legal tools at the outset or at the end of a relationship. There are several different types of domestic agreements, all designed to protect a person’s legal rights if a relationship ends without any reasonable prospect of reconciliation.

Our lawyers are prepared to help you with all aspects of the preparation and enforcement of these contracts. We have experience with a broad range, including:

  • Prenuptial agreement — also known as a marriage contract, this tool lets couples intending to marry to set out their personal property rights before the wedding. They can also make advance plans for spousal support and other end-of-relationship legal issues.
  • Postnuptial agreement — this is essentially the same as prenuptial agreements but instead, is created after the marriage.
  • Cohabitation agreement — this is an important agreement for common law spouses. Cohabitation in Ontario does not involve the same legal rights and obligations as do marriages. A cohabitation agreement can set out enforceable protections for each party’s personal property rights and other interests.
  • Separation agreement — this is drafted when a couple decides to separate. By coming to a consensus on one or all issues, an ex-couple may save themselves much time and expense in court.

Our lawyers will analyze your individual needs and ensure that your domestic agreement contains the appropriate provisions to protect your future. We can review a proposed draft, amend an existing one, or create a new contract.

Book A Reduced Rate Consultation To Discuss Your Needs

family law lawyer consulting with coupleOur family law lawyers will help you with all aspects of family law agreements and are available to serve you from two convenient locations, in Toronto or Mississauga.

Call us to book an initial consultation today. Call (416) 222-6980 ext. 2900 or email us to arrange an appointment.