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Child Access

Creating Optimal Child Access Arrangements After Separation

Child access, or visitation, is an arrangement whereby a non-primary caregiver spends time with his or her children, subsequent to a separation or divorce (there are also situations where both parents spend equal periods of time with the children). When disputes arise with regard to a parent’s access rights, having an experienced lawyer on your side is essential to ensure that they are protected.

Customized Advice In All Aspects Of Child Access

At Nathens, Siegel LLP, our lawyers represent custodial and noncustodial parents throughout the Greater Toronto Area. This may include assisting in the establishment of the initial access/parenting agreement, variation and enforcement of agreements and mobility issues. It is our commitment to do everything possible to resolve these matters in the most efficient and amicable manner possible.

Resolving Disputes Over Child Access

In some cases, disputes may arise over a parent’s ability to care for his or her children. The court has the discretion to order an assessment by an independent third party — such as a social worker, psychologist or a person in a similar position — to determine the custody and access arrangements which would be in the children’s best interests.

Whether you are a parent with such concerns or are responding to such concerns, we are prepared to provide the representation you need. We will present the strongest possible argument to support your position in the matter without compromising your children’s well-being.

Schedule A Reduced Rate Consultation

Contact our office to discuss your child access issues with one of our Ontario lawyers. Our initial consultations are offered at a reduced rate. We have offices in North York and Mississauga. You can reach us by phone at (416) 222-6980 ext. 2900 or email us to get started.