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Child And Spousal Support

Navigating Child And Spousal Support Matters

Dividing family property lets ex-spouses leave a relationship on an equitable footing. Ongoing financial support is another key element in any separation or divorce. Both spousal support and child support may become a contentious issue with long-lasting impacts for both the payor and the recipient. At Nathens, Siegel LLP, our lawyers have a solid reputation in the Greater Toronto Area as knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated lawyers. We assess the real needs of the client regarding support and negotiate arrangements to match the facts.

Child Support And Spousal Support – Skillfully Navigating The Differences

Although they seem similar in nature, child support and spousal support have distinct differences. Child support is the obligation that every parent has to provide support for his or her child. Calculations start with table support and the Child Support Guidelines, but may include special or extraordinary expenses. Unlike child support, spousal support is not automatic. Spousal support is the payment that one spouse makes for the support of the other. Entitlement must be clearly established. Many factors affect whether entitlement has been met, and if so, what the appropriate amount and duration of support should be. Unlike child support spousal support payments can be taxable and deductible.

Creating Fair Support Arrangements For All Parties

Determining eligibility and fair amounts is not always straightforward. Having handled hundreds of family law cases over the years, our lawyers can advise you on the process and address issues such as:
  • When do support payments stop?
  • Can a support order/agreement be modified, and under what circumstances?
  • What enforcement methods are available in cases of nonpayment?
  • Are step-parents obligated to pay child support?
  • Should support be paid monthly or in a lump sum?
  • Does retirement or remarriage end a spousal support obligation?
Our lawyers have years of experience negotiating or litigating fair support arrangements. If you are a payor, we determine a suitable amount to meet your duty without unnecessarily overextending yourself. If you are a recipient, we will advocate for an arrangement that meets your individual needs as well as those of your child/children.

Consult About Your Support Case

Our lawyers are ready to meet with you and assess your case. An initial consultation offers you the opportunity to have your case assessed and your questions answered. Reach us by email or by phone at (416) 222-6980 ext. 2900. We are conveniently located in North York and Mississauga.