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client and lawyer discussing the separation process

Complex Financial Issues

As discussed by Partner Glen Schwartz discussed during the FDRIO Conference Complex Financial Issues Part 2 final
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couple meeting with ADR lawyers to work out collaborative law divorce

Is Base Monthly Child Support Ever Too High? Can High Income Earners Get a Break From Child Support Guidelines?

The Child Support Guidelines specify the exact amount of table child support that a payor parent is required to pay based on his/her income, the number of children entitled to support,
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a couple sit facing opposite directions after divorce

How do you avoid costly financial mistakes during the divorce process?

Taking the time to seek proper legal counsel so that you understand your rights and obligations at the outset, thus avoiding have to re-start midway through the process Refusing to
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A couple shaking hands after out of court divorce settlement agreement reached through alternative dispute resolution

Pre-Marriage Home Owners Beware

Pursuant to the Family Law Act, the value of assets brought into the marriage is generally deducted from the division of property between spouses on separation.  So for instance, If
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wedding rings sit next to a gavel

ONCA decision on tort of family violence: Ahluwalia v. Ahluwalia

Trial judge did not err in allowing a tort claim in a family court proceeding; Trial judge erred in the creation of a new tort — the torts of battery,
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same sex couple signing divorce paperwork

Marriage Contract – When, What and How?

When do you have to sign a marriage contract?  You do not have to sign a marriage contract at any time. However if you and your spouse (or spouse to
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a couple speaking with a divorce lawyer

Family Court Costs

As access to justice continues to be a struggle in our province, judges are doing whatever they can to deter vexatious litigants.  The recent Court of Appeal decisions of Lakhtakia
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couple meeting with ADR lawyers to work out collaborative law divorce

Hague Mediation

Hague Mediation Flyer   Brahm Siegel: Hague Mediation Do you have a case where a child has been wrongfully removed from, or wrongfully retained in, Canada? If so, consider mediating
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couple arguing during divorce creating stressful situation for child

Can You Live in the Same House but be Legally Separated?

Can you live in the same House but be Legally Separated? It is possible to live in the same house as your ex-partner and to be considered separated. In fact,
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