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client and lawyer discussing the separation process

Complex Financial Issues

As discussed by Partner Glen Schwartz during the FDRIO Conference Complex Financial Issues Part 2. Everything you need to know.

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A couple shaking hands after out of court divorce settlement agreement reached through alternative dispute resolution

Pre-Marriage Home Owners Beware

Protect your assets before tying the knot – Learn about the date of marriage deduction and how it can safeguard your pre-marriage home ownership rights.

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a couple speaking with a divorce lawyer

Family Court Costs

Navigate the complex world of Family Court Costs and understand the potential financial repercussions. Stay informed about recent Court of Appeal decisions.

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couple meeting with ADR lawyers to work out collaborative law divorce

Hague Mediation

Experience the benefits of Hague Mediation for international child custody cases. Mediate online with a skilled mediator trained in cross-border disputes.

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