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A couple shaking hands after out of court divorce settlement agreement reached through alternative dispute resolution

Pre-Marriage Home Owners Beware

Pursuant to the Family Law Act, the value of assets brought into the marriage is generally deducted from the division of property between spouses on separation.  So for instance, If you come into the marriage

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a couple speaking with a divorce lawyer

Family Court Costs

As access to justice continues to be a struggle in our province, judges are doing whatever they can to deter vexatious litigants.  The recent Court of Appeal decisions of Lakhtakia v. Mehra and Knight v.

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couple meeting with ADR lawyers to work out collaborative law divorce

Hague Mediation

Hague Mediation Flyer   Brahm Siegel: Hague Mediation Do you have a case where a child has been wrongfully removed from, or wrongfully retained in, Canada? If so, consider mediating with me. In February 2023,

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