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Grey Divorce

When you divorce later in life, you may be faced with different challenges than younger couples. You may be at higher salary brackets, you may have acquired more property, or you may have more investments and retirement savings shared between you and your spouse.

To figure out how to best protect your legal rights and financial interests during these divorces - commonly referred to as “grey divorces” - you may need additional help with understanding how divorce laws apply to your property.

Tips for discussing a marriage contract with your partner

People are often focused on the romantic details of married life that they may not consider the uncomfortable details of what may happen if the marriage ends. However, this type of conversation is crucial to have if you want to create a valid marriage contract.

A marriage contract, or premarital agreement, can be an important tool for parties who are getting married and have disparate levels of wealth. Unfortunately, discussing the contract can be difficult. As such, below are some tips that can make this situation easier for everyone.

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