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collaborative law options in divorce

Collaborative Law Divorce in Toronto & Mississauga

woman discussing collaborative law divorce options with ADR lawyerWhen you are considering a separation, it is important to realize that you have options. If your spouse is unwilling to cooperate, you might be limited to taking the matter to court. If, however, you and your spouse have simply decided to part ways and wish to resolve the marriage as quickly, economically and respectfully as possible, collaborative law may be the best solution.

Collaborative law provides individuals with the chance to work together to finalize the divorce and separation amicably and respectfully. Both parties have equal buy-in toward a compromised agreement.

At Nathens, Siegel LLP, our ADR attorneys will help you understand your options in seeking a collaborative separation or divorce. We will also make sure that you are fully protected in the final outcome.

How the Collaborative Separation or Divorce Process Works

couple meeting with ADR lawyers to work out collaborative law divorceDuring the collaborative process, both parties and their lawyers work together to reach an amicable and fair resolution. Sometimes, the assistance of an additional neutral third party is required — such as family/parenting or financial professional.

The process is focused on an efficient and respectful resolution. The spouses’ lawyers will keep the negotiations focused on a productive direction to reach this resolution with minimized cost and stress. Negotiations focus on the parties’ needs, rather than entrenched “win/lose” legal positions.

Highly Successful For Families

happy father hugging his children after low stress out of court divorceThis method has been found to be highly successful and satisfactory for families, with little need for modifications or enforcement down the line as both parties have worked together to craft their agreement.

A collaborative divorce is particularly useful for families with children, preserving the couple’s relationship and maintaining goodwill as they transition into their roles parenting together while divorced.

Find Out If Collaborative Law Is Right For You

For more information about collaborative divorce or separation, please contact us today. Call (416) 222-6980 ext. 2900 or email us for a reduced-rate consultation. From our offices in Toronto and Mississauga, we serve clients from all across the Greater Toronto Area.