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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Using an ADR LAWYER for Out-Of-Court Options For Family Law Disputes

ADR lawyer discussing agreement with womanWhenever most people think of family law disputes, the first image that usually comes to mind is dramatic courtroom litigation. This combative approach can become quite costly, leaving both spouses and partners with a sense of anger rather than resolution. It is often also financially draining.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a rapidly evolving area of family law that involves a more collaborative out-of-court approach. For couples who are willing to work together to resolve their differences, these mechanisms are often less costly, less adversarial and more effective.

At Nathens, Siegel LLP, we provide multiple ADR solutions throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario. Through these mechanisms, we help spouses work through their disputes and negotiate agreements they both can support.

Finding A Solution That Works For You

A couple shaking hands after out of court divorce settlement agreement reached through alternative dispute resolutionThe ADR process can be used in a number of different family law situations. Not only is it used to negotiate separation agreements, it can also be used to create marriage and cohabitation agreements between individuals intending to enter into a long-term relationship with the need to negotiate their financial affairs before doing so.

Our ADR lawyers offer the following ADR services to help resolve your family law needs:

  • Mediation: a neutral, third-party mediator works with the spouses to amicably resolve their differences by helping to bridge the gap between them. Our firm provides services, either as a mediator or with representation during the divorce mediation process.
  • Arbitration: whereas a mediator attempts to resolve disputes through dialogue, an arbitrator adjudicates a final, legally binding decision on both spouses. Our firm provides complete services, either as an arbitrator or as legal counsel during the arbitration process.
  • Collaborative Family Law (CFL): the spouses and their lawyers agree at the outset to negotiate agreements amicably, with full disclosure and without formal court proceedings. Should the collaborative process fail, the parties may resort to the courts but the lawyers involved in the collaborative law process are not allowed to represent the spouses in any court proceeding. This process allows each spouse to have a say in all decisions that are made and to resolve disputes with dignity and respect. The CFL process can also be less stressful for children.

Contact Us To Explore Your ADR Options

a woman contacts a Toronto ADR lawyerContact our Toronto or Mississauga office to discuss your options with one of our ADR lawyers. Our initial consultations are offered at a reduced rate.

You can reach us by phone at (416) 222-6980 ext. 2900 or send us an email to get started.